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  • Elegant Beach Resort in San Remigio

    Elegant Beach Resort is a nice place for family and friends. The place has a swimming pool, a park, a basketball court and an elegant infinity pool.
  • KM47 Beach Resort

    Located 47 kilometers from Cebu City is the majestic KM47 Beach Resort, a perfect place for relaxation and spending quality time with friends and family.
  • Karansa Festival 2018

    The Karansa Festival is a dance festival expressing one's joy and happiness performed in 4 basic steps: the kiay, karag, kurug and kurahay that jibes with the…
  • Oslob

    Oslob is located 117 kilometers southeast of Cebu province. Generally Oslob are hilly and rolling by open grasslands and a forest.

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Karansa Festival 2018

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