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Alcoy is located in the east of cebu province which surrounded in the north of Dalaguete, south of Boljoon, to the west of Badian and Alegria . Its also known for its agricultural town of cebu that has a largest dolomite mine in the country. A perfect place to hangout and unwind of the beautiful places of Acoy that includes nice white sand beaches, coral reefs, mangroves, beautiful hills and valleys and high mountains.

Alcoy has its own festival called Siloy Festival, held in month of August. Aside from their festival celebration, they have also a nice resort and beaches that the locals, tourist, vacationers would like to stay and enjoy like Bodo's Bamboo Resort and Villa Rosa. Feel the the clear water of Ubod Spring. Make a wise decisions to choose and explore the different tourist spots and attractions of Alcoy.

Travel Directions: To reach Alcoy, go to South bus Terminal and find a bus that route going to Alcoy destination or if you wish for a convenient to travel you can ride a V-hire. It takes 2 hours and a half hour to travel in this place.

If you want to explore Cebu, feel welcome to visit our site and plan to visit Cebu this year. Absolutely you will enjoy your staying and experience the islands, spots, festivals or other entertainment.

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