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Moalboal is located 89.3 kilometers from the south of Cebu and joint the two towns of Alcantara and Badian. The name Moalboal got its name from the bubbling spring called “bokal -bokal” near in the seashore which had been a tongue twister by the Spaniards. The people livehood are fishing and farming.

Moalboal is a place that offers interesting adventures and rich in marine life. Feel the paradise of this place and explore the some numerous waterfalls, caves and canyons. Experience the unique charms and relaxed atmosphere that local and foreign tourist love the nature of environment. This place is also popular in bars, beaches, restaurants and known for one of the best diving spots in cebu. Experience the affordable food and beach accommodation. The main tourist attraction in Moalboal is the Pescador Island,which famous for its beautiful and touched marine life. Another famous island is the Sunken island, the best place for early morning dives. Explore yourself to an island hopping or visit some beach resorts like House reefs, that has different coral blocks, sponges, and sea anemones making an ideal taking dive. There are also Beach Resorts in Moalboal like Blue Orchid Resort, Macosas Cottages Beach Resort while enjoy your vacation through hotel in Moalboal like Cabana Beach Resort, Marine Village Beach & Dive Resort, Sole E Mare Beach Resort, Anthon's Resort, Tipolo Action Resort , Savedra Beach Resort.

Travel Directions: To reach Moalboal ,just take a bus to south bus terminal or you can choose to ride V-hire within the terminal but make sure the bus going via Barili to get Moalboal destination but it takes only 2 hours to get there.

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