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Daanbantayan Island is located on the northern most part of cebu. It got its named from Bantayan which means lookout station where it was change by putting the word daan to form Daanbantayan, where it came from the name of  Kandaya  where in  Datu Daya is  the  first  Malayan settlers, he was elected as a watchtower called Bantayan sa Hari which located at Tapilon.

It is also rich in coral reef  which connected by a bridge of  Daijogoan Canal. In this island you can watch their interesting Haladaya Festival. Experience to visit some attractions  you can  find  in this place like Gibitngil Island where you will love the  place  because of  its clear water and its white sand and the waves will inviting you and it is located in Daanbantayan, Camaza Island in Daanbantayan, Marlin's Beach Resort Hotel offers a nice view of Bantayan as well as other resorts. This island has its famous beach, the Virgen Beach. 

Travel Directions: To reach Daanbantayan, if  your in Mactan Airport just ride a taxi  going to North Bus Terminal or  Cebu Makro and find  a bus or mini bus that routes to Maya destination or  if  you wish to travel comfortably just  choose to ride V-hires. It takes 3 - 4 hours to travel.

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