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Oslob is located 117 kilometers southeast of Cebu province. Generally Oslob are hilly and rolling by open grasslands and a forest. There are also level and rolling plateaus and valleys spread throughout the interior. Main industries of Oslob are fishing, farming and tourism. Best place that lies a beautiful tourist destination in Cebu. The main attractions of Oslob are the Spanish cartel ruins, the church belfry which dates back to 1788. Mainit Medicinal Hot Springs, the museum of Sacred Art. Experience to stay in Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort or in White Sand Beach in Oslob and Masters Resort Cebu at Tanawan Oslob for a nice vacations so what are you waiting for book now.

Oslob comes from the name of Toslob which means to soak or soaking. The civil guard was keep on repeating the word Toslob when they saw a couple who soaking bananas with vinegar. So the word Toslob was change later to Oslob , the name of the town. Another thing, explore and experience the annual festival of this place which is Toslob Festival. This festival shows how the town of Oslob got its name through dancing. This festival is celebrated with the fiest of Immaculate Conception on December.

Travel Directions: To reach Oslob, go to Cebu South bus terminal if you wish to ride a bus or you can choose a V-hire. It took 3 hours to get Oslob destination.



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