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Mandaue City


Mandaue City is located on the central coastal plains of the province of  Cebu that joined the place of Consolacion and Cordova. Mandaue is connected to Mactan Island  with the two bridges Mactan cebu and Marcelo Fernan Bridge at the right side where Lapu-lapu is located.

Mandaue City has its own history of trade and commerce, industries and entertainment when merchants conducted business like entrepreneurs, enterprising, because of the hardworking and dedicated people. You can also find exporting companies in this place. Mandaue City is known as “mantawi “ a clinging vines which means abundant in the early times. It was also called a merchant paradise. They have economicpoints, crude transportation network. Aside from the history of Mandaue, they have also celebrates Kabayo Festival and Mantawi Festival.

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