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Malapascua Island


The Philippines is home to a great number of stunning beaches and tropical islands that never fail to attract tourist from all corners of the globe. Malapascua Island, for one, is among the best kept secrets of Visayas. Situated at the northernmost part of Cebu City, its pristine white beaches and crystal clear waters beckon to world-weary travelers, offering temporary solace and respite from the hustles and bustles of city life. Unlike Boracay Island, which is practically smothered with commercial establishments and a large crowd of tourists, the island's charm and allure lies in its unfettered beauty, relatively undeveloped. If you are looking for that sweet escape, away from the crowd, Malapascua is definitely the place to be.

Hailed as the new Boracay of Cebu, Malaspascua is slowly gaining international popularity for its breathtaking views and underwater scenes. In fact, the island is also known as a diver's paradise, with promised treat of colorful coral gardens, highly diverse marine life, and sightings of pygmy seahorses, whitetip sharks and manta rays. Malapascua is the only known diving destination in the world that offers almost daily sightings of the famous thresher sharks, which is usually seen between sunrise until 9AM. A rare adrenaline pumping treat for any diving enthusiast!

Getting to Malapascua would take approximately 4-5 hours by bus from Cebu North Bus Terminal. From Maya Wharf, one has to take a 30-minute boat ride to finally get to the island.

Tourists are advised to bring cash since there are no ATM machines or money changers available. There is also no transportation around the island, which means you need to walk and enjoy the sugar-fine sands under your feet to explore the unkempt beauty of the place. True to Filipino hospitality, the locals are invariably friendly and charming, ready to offer assistance to tourists.



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