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Carcar City


Carcar City became the oldest town but had been known as the newest city. Upon entering in the main road of the city, you can see a statue of a young man on a horse awaits you and his name is Panteleon otherwise known as (Leon Kilat ) Villegas, a visayan revolutionary and has a supernatural powers during the Spanish time in philppines revolution in 1873-1898.

Carcar Cityhas history where kabkad comes from the word “kabkaban” which means from a tree climbing ferns that its known as a booming shoemaking industry where kabkaban was established in new settlement. This is why they have Kabkaban Festival which celebrated every 4th week of November in honor of the feast of St. Catherine of Alexandria, their patron saint. This festival emphasizes the highlights of a street dancing and a parade. Aside from festival, there are also other main attractions of Carcar which the ancestral homes, the best attraction of tourist, travellers, visitors like St. Catherine of Alexandria Church, Theotokos Shrine in Perrelos, The Mainit-Mabugnaw National Park.

Travel Directions: To be able to reach Carcar City, and if you wish to ride a ceres bus go to South Bus Terminal near Emall, then take a ceres bus to Carcar City otherwise aircon and non-aircon V-hire that takes you to Carcar City. It’s your choice, if you want to see the whole town by riding a motorcycle or tricyle.

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