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Badian Island is located 97.6 kilometers southwest of Cebu City and it is famous breathtaking beaches which is the Badian Island Resort & Spa. The town of Badian is quite small and only offers a small market place to shop. Badian is known for mountainous and hilly area where locals and tourists go around in jeepneys and tricyles.

Badian Island , has a white sandy private beach which is directly at the hotel that offer 5 minutes free boat transport to our romantic beaches. Experience the cool and deep freshwater surroundings that are very relaxing and peaceful. environment place of Badian island. A very pleasant island paradise. This is called island paradise because of the Kawasan Falls that is very popular destination of locals, tourist, travellers, visitors or with romantic love ones. Inorder for you to reach Kawasan Falls and Kabokalan Springs, you should pass first the Kawasan Nature’s Park as an entry point to the river system which is 2 km uphill walk towards the Matutinao River Canyon.

If you wish to relax, theres a resort's cottage restaurant available for rent and also bamboo raft to take you around the lake, or have waterfall massage under the falling water or else experience to climb up beside the waterfalls if you wish to jump into the water to enjoy yourself. Or else you can choose to stay in Badian Island Resort and Spa, because has a sandy beaches with a natural spa and a dive center that are equipped with the best dive equipment to be more relaxed.

Travel Directions: The way of getting there to Badian, first thing you do, if your in the cebu city area, go to South Bus terminal where you can choose an aircon or non-aircon buses to Badian destination that available for every hour. Or choose v-hire within the terminal. When you there in town of Badian, you will have to walk about 15 -30 minutes or less along a very rocky and narrow path down to the beautiful waterfalls and beaches.

If you want to explore Cebu, feel welcome to visit our site and plan to visit Cebu this year. Absolutely you will enjoy your staying and experience the islands, spots, festivals or other entertainment.

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