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Tagbo Festival


The Tagbo Festival falls on the 19th month of  January in honor the Santo Nino de Poro their patron saint. This festival has it's significance and highlights the birth of this town. It  has also  inhabitants of Cebu gear and the concentration on the arrangements associated with this celebration.Tagbo which means to meet. The festival is located in the Poro Camotes Island, Cebu.

As we described Poro Camotes Islands are a group of islands that form part of the province of Cebu and it is located east of Cebu Island, southwest of Leyte Island, and north of Bohol Island where the named Camotes are called low-lying island. It  is also called Mexican for sweet potatoes.It  is the home for picturesque landscapes whre everyone see the  natural  beauty of  the  island. This island has it's industries like farmiing, fishing and  tourist  resorts and  beaches, spring, pools and waterfalls and rich in cultural heritage and deep spiritual values and spoken dialects. Camotes is known for trade and tourism because of its vibrantt, progressive and confident in the coming global network.

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Tags festival


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