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Tag-anitohan Festival


Tag-anito festival is the festival which geared towards reminiscing the towns’ history and emphazises a dance movements  and ritual, in honor of their patron Immaculate Conception. "Tag-Anito" means inhabitants’ practice of worshipping anitos or spirit and was originally called the town of Tudela.

Tudela is a small piece of paradise island and belongs to the Camotes Group of Islands where in you can experience the culture, beauty of this place which only a distance of 8 kilometers away from the town of Poro. This island is the destination tourist spot where in they have caves for spelunking and white beaches whom like to enjoy beaches and sanctuaries for scuba diving, snorkeling and water related activities. They have land transportations that includes motorcycles and jeepneys drivers whom like to see the wonderful places of Tudela that has resort accommodations and good road infrastructure where the visitors may plan to visit this place. They're cause of living are Agriculture and Fishing.

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