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Inasal-Halad Festival


Nowadays, the word INASAL has become more of a household term in the Philippines. It’s because maybe of the Mang Inasal restaurant. But for the Cebuanos, it is one of their delicacies that they are proud of, especially the town of Talisay is very known for its “Inasal na Baboy”. During the festival, they feature the most popular food called “INASAL” as translated as lechon or roasted. They roast native hogs or domesticated pigs for this event. It is always best to have a golden brown, frizzle crispy skin, and tasty meat purged out from different ingredients of herbs and spices. But please don’t forget the chilly “sarsa” or lechon sauce! Wow my mouth is now watering as I describe how delicious this famous cuisine.

What about the festival? Why such event? Let’s just state some historical background of the place. In 1648, Talisay was founded and was owned as an estate by the Augustinians. It was converted into a municipality in 1849 and the first governor was Silverio Fernandez and the appointed captain of the town was Pedro Labuca. Eventually, the population grew and became an independent parish on August 16, 1836 under the advocating of Sta. Teresa de Avila. And later on the town people demonstrate their thanksgiving and homage to their patroness—Sta. Teresa de Avila, as they go out the streets and dance and have began to parade their showcase of lechons with their colorful costumes and together with their decorated carts. This tradition became the Halad Inasal Festival of the Talisaynons which being celebrated on every 15th day of the month of October.

Every time this festive comes; every barangay in Talisay prepares their community with programs and some friendly competition among them. The city local government from the governor of Cebu down to the mayor and congressman and barangay officials promotes this event as they grace with their presence. The traffic police are deployed to make sure of the traffic flow within the city and have designated alternative routes for motorist. For there’s a parade coming from different organizations or groups, displaying their famous and tasty lechon. Of course, singing contest shall always be there and dance competition for the youth. These are being held simultaneously in different barangays. You can see also some higantes of some known personalities parading on the streets which the kids enjoy to watch. They conduct also some fun games or as we all know “parlor” games with some prizes to distribute to the winners and among the participants. With such event, it became also a tourist attraction not only for foreigners but for some of our kababayans coming from various places as “bakasyonista”. The date goes together also for the semestral break of some universities and colleges. As for ore people to come, more fun, more food and festivity with thanksgiving!

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