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Bolho Festival


Boljoon Cebu is one of the oldest towns in Southern part of Cebu with beautiful sceneries, tall mountain ranges, natural forest and lots of historical places. The town is called "The only postcard town in the entire Province of Cebu". The town is composed of eleven (11) barangays - some of the barangays were found in coastal and upland areas. The main livelihoods of the boljoanons are the agricultural, fishing and farming. The 2nd district of the province of Cebu will celebrates the Bolho Festival 2013 this coming November 13, 2013.   The annual fiesta is the offering of the Boljoanons to their town patron saint, St. Nuestra Señora Patrociñio de Maria. A fiesta celebrations were all boljoanons will gather and celebrates with thanksgiving and dance.

During the pre-Hispanic period, the town’s water sources had been a part of its day-to-day operations in farming practices, household chores, etc. During the Spanish era, it had been said, that Spaniards had a significant role in acquiring its name since it was during this time the town named from “bolhoon”, and “boljoon” now. The term then evolved into “nibulho”, “nabulho” etc. thus, the dance festival arrived into what it is now, the BOLHO Festival.

BOLHO Festival is an annual dance festival of the Municipality of Boljoon. The term “bolho” is originated from the legend of the municipality on how it got its name. Bolho is the term derived from the water sprouts such as brooks, streams and the like, which the municipality is rich of, then and now. It literally means water sprouts available anywhere in the locality then and now and its movement from its source. BOLHO seems to be the living witness of the colorful history, developments and significant events happened in the municipality from the ancient civilization, pre- Hispanic period, and Spanish era and in the contemporary times. BOLHO symbolizes abundance of gift of nature in Boljoon, its natural resources, cultural heritage and world-class population. BOLHO represents the lifestyle of the Boljoanons, its hard works, achievements and successes and how Boljoanons greatly contribute to the growth and development of its beloved town economically.

BOLHO Festival formally launched last November 2008 with four groups or clusters from the different barangays of the municipality. The groups presented the four dance steps, its significance and importance to the lives of Boljoanons. In November 2009, the first ever grand competition among different schools of Boljoon had happened which has two categories, the Elementary and High School Category, with three competing schools, respectively. In 2010, Fiesta Viesperas is one of the grand and much more colorful and challenging because the dancers include young pupils, students and out-of-school youth who cheerfully express the true meaning of the dance festival.

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