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Zipline in Liloan - A Perfect Adventure


After browsing some pictures of my friends on Facebook, I have discovered a nice picture that features a zipline in Liloan. The zipline looks good and exciting so I planned to try it on weekend. I invited a friend to try the zipline, it would be a first time for both of us to try the zipline.

The zipline was an added attraction for the existing Papa Kit's Marina and Lagoon which is good for family recreational activities. It was built through an idea of Michael Mendoza's brother while they were at the lagoon. He thinks that if they add a zipline, it would attract more visitors. The ideas seems good so they approved to pursue on building the zipline. The family of lawyer Democrito Mendoza poured more than Php3 million as an invistment for the project.

An 800-meter zipline was built with a unique feature for it pass across the Silot Bay. The first end of the zipline was located on the mountain and the other end was located on an island in the Silot Bay.

Papa Kit's Marina and Lagoon was perfect for adventures or thrill seekers and for the family. Not only that they have an exciting zipline, they also have horseback riding, fishing lagoons and a restaurant.

Visitors can ride on horses and run through the big area. They can spend time catching big fishes on the lagoon or have a fresh delicious meal at the restaurant.

The zipline really looks exciting and I would like to try but my friend was, well, afraid of heights. So my friend decided to try on some other time and I think I will try it on some other time too :) . So, we decided to do horseback riding instead. It was 5pm and its getting dark. There is a family waiting in line to ride the horse, and... we end up getting hungry waiting, haha. So..., we eat in the restaurant.

The food was really great, fresh and delicious. While enjoying our dinner, we decided to go back and try everything; the zipline, the horseback riding, and fishing on the lagoon.

What I really like to try was the zipline. It looks exciting. I want to feel the thrill zipping through the bay, towards an island.

For adventurous people, the zipline in Liloan really looks very thrilling. Try it and feel the excitement and share your experience here by posting some comments.


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