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Where to Get the Finest Cebu Lechon


Cebu is famous for a lot of things but the most mouth-watering of them all is Cebu Lechon. Like other former Spanish colonies, we can trace lechon back to our Spanish colonizers. "Lechon" was derived from the Spanish "leche" for milk because it used to refer to roasted suckling pig. But nowadays, any roasted pig is called "lechon" while a roasted suckling pig is specifically called a "lechon de leche".

There is lechon or roast pig available anywhere in the country and is a special treat on big occasions such as fiestas and parties. Some places in the Philippines have specialized in roasting lechon. Their roast pig are better tasting than anywhere else in the country. But quite a few places claim to have the best tasting lechon in the Philippines. However, nobody can match the famous lechon de Cebu or what is most commonly called Cebu Lechon.

There are lots of places where you can get this stuff in Cebu. You will see hundreds of stalls selling it everywhere. Unfortunately, some people think that you can just buy roast pig anywhere in Cebu and that's it - you have already sampled the best tasting lechon in the country. Which is a mistake. If you really want to taste the best, you have to find out first where the best is being roasted.

This may be kind of difficult to do because taste is relative and deciding what is delicious will depend largely on the taster's palate. So you just have to trust me on this because I am a native of Cebu and have lived in Cebu most of my life. I know exactly where to find the best tasting roast pig.

The best Cebu Lechon I have ever tasted was in Talisay City, 13 kilometers South of Cebu City. Most Cebu old timers know that Talisay lays claim to having the best tasting roast pig. Just to commemorate their glory days of holding the title of being Cebu's number one roasted pig maker, Talisay City has an annual lechon festival. A lot roast pig makers now proliferate in Cebu but years before, people travel a long ways to Talisay just to buy it.

While in Talisay City itself, the best roast pig is made by none other than the pioneers Mila's Lechon which is located at Poblacion, Talisay City. Unfortunately, they just did not put emphasis in marketing or branding their products.

The second best would be CNT which is much more popular it can even be found in most big malls. It is highly visible in the City and even in Manila. Tied in the second place is Alejo's which is also from the South. So when in Cebu, don't buy just any lechon. Try only these most outstanding and proven lechon makers.

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