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Simala Shrine - A Miraculous Shrine to our Lady of Simala


Simala Shrine became known after word spread that the image of the Virgin Mary was seen “shedding tears of blood. After the miracle happen, different kinds of people visited this church because of their intentions to Virgin Mother Mary. Some people want to heal from sickness, pray for guidance, pray to pass the bar exams, other people will line up to kiss the image of Virgin Mother Mary which is located inside the church, and there's also a mass to everybody. Every 13th of the month lots of people visit this shrine, have prosessions but upon entering the main gate of the shrine, you can see the Archangels, Mother Mary facing the other mountain, a gaint statue of Mother Mary, it also composed of statue of the good shepherd, you can have sight seeing around the shrine like you could see the small wishing bell, waterfalls, Falls and carabao, some cottages to relax and eat your food if your hungry, you can also see the image of Mother Mary inside the church (Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth).

SimalaShrine the place where in ,you can have peace of mine because of solemnity and places is sorrounded by many trees, flowers, small pond, wishing well, small cottages where you can have picnics with your families, friends while you here. This church is manage by Monks and it is located at Sibonga Cebu where the Bonga Festival belong.

Travel Directions: The way of getting there is private vehicle or rent a car or just ride a taxi to go there but if you wish to commute, from Cebu City, go to South Bus terminal which near in EMALL, find and ride a ceres bus that going to Sibonga. The travel is good for 1 hour and half hour from Cebu so better bring some water and food to eat. The Safe Haven of Mother Mary is 5 km away from the highway so you need a motorcycle ride going to the Sanctuary.

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