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Malapascua Tropical Island & Dive Spot


If grey sand, and simple green-blue water is what you're craving for, then what the Malapascua island has to post is up for your taking.

It was on Christmas day when the Spaniards attained the island. According to townfolks, it was guessed to be a special day for celebration but unfortunately a storm hit the island and so came the name "MALAPASCUA", MALAS SA PASKO, which means "Unfortunate Christmas" in English.

Situated eight kilometers off the north coast of Cebu, the Malapascua Island boasts its shimmering long grey sand beaches and panoramic rocky coastlines. Malapascua is pretty small and covers less than 4 square kilometers causing it enjoyable to ride a banca for a trip around the Malapascua island, go diving at the wreck of a World War II sunken Japanese ship, go snorkelling surrounded by the fishes, or to simply just recently take a dip in the crystal basic water. After your water adventures, a stroll around Malapascua gives you the opportunity to meet the friendly locals. You may also take a hike to the famous lighthouse for the spectacular view of Malapascua island, the deep blue ocean and watch the beautiful sunset over the horizon.

To make your stay even more comfortable in Malapascua, small inns along the beach are available at reasonable rates. You can also check out their dive shops, souvenir shops and bars & restaurants.

So if you just want to get away and unwind for the weekend with your friends and family, pack-up and go on the three-hour bus ride from Cebu to Maya and a 45-minute banca ride to Malapascua.

You will never be sorry ... Malapascua i an have basically worth remembering.

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