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Explore the Philippines Diving Delight at Malapascua Island


As a tourist destination, the Philippines do not automatically spring to the holiday-maker's mind. And yet, this tropical archipelago offers a myriad of as-yet undiscovered adventures; from the ravishing reefs hiding wrecked Spanish galleons in their sea bed, to jungles abounding in exotic flora and fauna, to exciting geological formations and volcanoes. This natural paradise has tragically been subject to much political and natural upheaval over the years, from which it is still recovering. As such, the lack of a tourist boom is actually beneficial to the country as a whole while providing a vista of opportunities for the discerning tourist eager to explore destinations off the beaten track.

Malapascua Island is one such gem in the rough, especially for diving enthusiasts. The little island is located at the northern tip of Cebu Island, in the middle of the Visayan Sea. It is a very small and compact little bit of land, being only 2.5 km long and 1 km wide, but it is fast becoming the premier diving destination of the Philippines. The island's Bounty Beach is a sprawling stretch of powdery white sand surrounded with beautiful reefs that tinge its seas in luminescent aquamarine. It is famous for its diving spot of Monad Shoal, which is an underwater plateau, frequented by the rarely sighted thresher sharks and manta rays. The island also has three ancient ship wrecks which adventurous divers can explore for buried treasure. Many diving shops have sprung up around this area, providing excellent facilities for divers.

The resorts of this charming little isle meld seamlessly into the local settlement of eight hamlets, without despoiling its culture or ambience. The people largely thrive on tourism and fishing and are friendly enough to invite visitors to engage in their village sports and festivities. It would be well for visitors to repay their hospitality by respecting local modesty and customs; skimpy bikinis and topless sunbathing for females would be insensitive toward the conservative locals who are still adapting to foreign intrusion on their traditional home.

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