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Colourful Cebu


Cebu is one of the favourite island destinations in Philippines among travellers around the world. Cebu is an amazing island, though small in size yet depicts a strong growth in economic and industrial developments. The architectural icons and the state of the infrastructure reflect the financial strength of the city. The tropical climate of Cebu creates a perfect ambiance for a perfect holiday.

Capital of Cebu is Cebu City which is one of the oldest cities in Philippines. Cebu has the largest sea port in Philippines and the second largest Air hub. The city boasts white sand beaches to scenic mountainous areas and cultural and historical sites.

Cebu is also known as the island of festivals due to the numerous festivals celebrated throughout the year. All sort of festivals are celebrated in Cebu. Be it independence, dance, arts, culture, national heroes, patriotism, religious, cuisines, seasons and so forth. The popularity and the celebrations make it a fabulous spot for travellers to blend in with the locals.

Visit the Cebu Taoist Temple which has an entrance replica of the Great Wall of China. The temple features a chapel, library, souvenir shops and a wishing well. It is a center of worship for Taoism. Pay a visit to the Cebu Taoist Temple and walk barefoot to the chapel, spend hours reading books in the library, purchase souvenirs for your friends and stroll down to the spacious balconies for a spectacular view of the city of Cebu.

Take your kids and family to the Crocolandia and witness venomous snakes to crocodiles, deer, elephants, giraffes and a bird sanctuary. So this is a call for all bird lovers and animal lovers, visit Crocolandia, take photographs with your favourite animal and enjoy a great day out.

There are significant Spanish buildings in Cebu. Visit Cebu to admire the colonial architecture in Basilica Minore del Santo Nino, Fort San Pedro, Casa Gorordo Museum and Magellans Cross. There are plenty of museums and galleries to spend your day at Cebu Provincial Museum.

Hop in to colourful Jeepneys and travel around the city. They are available all throughout the day including past midnight. So you are never lost as you have Jeepneys somewhere or the other. Shopping is another luxury in the island. There are abundant shopping malls around the city and alleys are filled with cloths, jewellery, appliances, souvenirs, arts and crafts and many more.

Another top reason to fly to Cebu is the numerous sporting events hosts by the city. The Cebu City Sports Complex is always packed with crowds and spectators cheering their voice out for their favourite teams. Take a trip and watch a match while enjoying the Cebu lifestyle.

Cebu is not just sightseeing, but plenty of things to engage in during your holiday. While some enjoy the scenic mountains of Cebu, others have the privilege to go mountain biking, hiking, trekking or mountaineering.



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