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Cebu - A Profile of an Island


A place forever waiting for a foot to fall.

Cebu, the Queen City of the South is the Philippines' oldest city. Cebu is considered today as the top business and tourist destination of the Philippines.

Cebu has grown into a highly urbanized metropolitan area from a small fishing village and trading port, maintaining its stature as the center of trade and commerce in the Southern Philippines since the Spanish colonial times.

The island, a verdant swath of land, 300 kilometers long and 40 kilometers at its widest portion as it cuts through the heart of Central Visayas region, has much more to offer-vast stretches of clean, white sandy beaches, excellent dive spots, modern malls, resorts and hotels, discos and bars, museums and parks-all within a compact geographical macrocosm. Just a few hours travel time separate the city form sun-filled beaches, lush green forests, and the mountain ranges.

Cebu is a rich and varied bouquet of attractions touched with the warmth of its people-the Cebuanos.

Cebu lies 365 miles south of Manila (the country's capital city), only about an hour by jet/plane and a day by boat away, and less than two hours by air from almost all Visayan and Mindanao cities, making it ideal "stepping off" base for the island-hopping in the region.

Cebu is rich in natural resources and some of its most precious are its crops; corn, coconuts, sugar cane, grapes and vegetables of many kinds are grown in the island. Cebu's mangoes are considered the sweetest and most aromatic in the country.

Cebu city the capital city is peopled by about a million inhabitants coming from different points of the country and all over the world, thousands of people from all parts of the country and abroad trickle to the city every year to bask in its unique charms: Cebu blends the rustic pleasures of a laid-back country life with the technological convenience of modern living.

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