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Sadsad Festival


Sadsad Festival was renamed to Sadsadayon Festival, where they discovered 4 steps which are: "labyug", "hagwa", "agni", and "pasalamat".The Labyug steps means "sway", Hagwa steps means "to cheer up", the Agni steps means "to invite", and the Pasalamat steps means "thanksgiving" and Sadsadayon has it's 2 root words called " Sadsad and dayon" which Sadsad, is a dance movement and Dayon came from the two visayan words, "dayon" and "padayon".

Dayon, is called welcome, and emphasizes for their hospitality. Padayon, meaning is to continue their traditions in rejoicing thier victory and remain their good values. The Sadsad festival celebrated in honor of their patron, Immaculate Concepcion which held every year. Thiey offer a dance offering to their patronness.

This festival is located in Oslob where the best place that lies a beautiful tourist destination in Cebu, Philippines.This place generates information that includes, Infrastructure and Utilities Road Network, Financial Intermediaries, Trade and Industry.

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