Jamaican Nights

Cebu Jamaican

Jamaican Night known as the ultimate summer tradition usually held on resorts. But what is Jamaican Night? Mostly said that it is a nightlife scene, play all day and party all night while you are on a vacation. Before the party, a beautiful sunset will clear your mind and it feels so refreshing to see. At night, lots of food, beer and shows will be revieled.

In Cebu, Jamaican Night is what we call a party all night. Jamming with the Pinoy Top Bands including Rivermaya, Kamikazee, Brownman Revival which rocks last Jamaican Nights. Lots of food, beers and especially hunks and hotbabes wearing bikini’s.

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A party won't be memorable without contest. So Jamaican Night with its empowering events, captured the attention of the people especially the boys. There were competitions like Bikini Open, Fashion Shows, Wet Bikini Challenge, etc. For everybody's participation, Jamaican Night uploaded a wet dance party and disco concert with famous DJs like DJ Dado who jam with us last 2006.

Cebu Jamaican Night History

Jamaican Night in Cebu was first presented in the year 1996. This was held at the Cebu Beach Club – very known resort in Cebu. At that time, Cebu Jamaican Night was just having party with reggae sounds until it was known and was supported by local tourism authorities. In 2002, cebu jamaican night was known as the biggest beach party in cebu and in the whole western visayas. It was covered on tv and radio stations beginning at 2003 and start to jam with famous bands like rivermaya at 2004, bamboo at 2005, brownman revival at 2006, kamikazee last 2007, etc.